Lavender Harvest


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A bouquet of floral scents take you on a slow stroll through a mediterranean lavender field.

This candle comes in an 8oz glass container with a frosted upper curvature of which creates a lovely diffraction of the candle flame. Each candle also contains, as pictured, its symbol on the front and twine tied in a bow around the top.

All Høst Candles are totally non-toxic – we never use artificial fragrance oils like ‘fresh linen’ or ‘bonfire’, rather, our scents are made from pure steam distilled essential oils from plants. We spend a long time testing various mixes to come up with each candle, and you’ll notice how rich and deep their scents are.

We also only use coconut wax and beeswax which are both renewable and sustainable waxes, grown without the extensive use of pesticides that the soy industry relies on, and without the toxic compounds found in paraffin wax. They also have a better ‘hot throw’ with essential oils when lit than soy wax, and burn slower than paraffin, giving a longer burn time.

In stock

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Scent Profile

Scent categories: strongly floral, with citrusy and herbaceous undertones.

Scent origin: only natural essential oils.

Candle Characteristics

Burn time: up to 35h (ensure trimming of the wick to half a centimetre before each lighting).

Wax composition: only coconut wax and beeswax.

Wick: cotton – no metal core.

Candle Care

Always allow melt pool to extent to edge of the candle container when lit. If blown out before, ‘tunnelling’ may occur, where some wax is left on the container edges. This is a normal characteristic of all container candles and is easily avoided as described.

For longest overall burn times, remember to trim the candle wick to about half a centimetre before burning.

Candle Safety

For safety, as with any candle, do not allow the wick to remain too long (simply trim it with a pair of scissors before burning to half a centimetre or so). Keep the candle away from pets, children, and flammable items.

Always ensure when burning that the twine is either taken off, or, if it is left on, that it is kept safely beneath any area that the flame could reach, including any of the smaller loose strands.


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